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Draw The Looney Tunes, A Story

A received a nice package on the mail today: The commercial version of our Warner Bros. Consumer Products departmental tutorial book, renamed “How To draw The Looney Tunes”. A hard to find book, ranging from $39.99 to $400.00. The trade-off here is actually quite acceptable; “...sign and draw me a sketch on one of them and you get to keep the other.”


A review of the book on the Animation World Network. “…The credits list art by San Wei ChanMark Christiansen, Jerome Moore and Robert Guthrie. Text is by Frank Espinosa, co-written by Marie Taylor….”


I’m really surprised to see the changes that occurred when our tutorial went public: It lost around 94 pages, most a lot of the written history of WB, animation and verbal instructions. The cuts were probably made for costs reasons and the instruction were more geared how to teach all WBCP artists in depth.



Still, a very nice final product, kicking myself that I signed and gave away the 10 copies I got from WB. Oh well . =)